About one year ago, I came to Melbourne from Seoul , Korea where World Cup Soccer 2002 was held in June. I've been here with my two lovely children who are studying in Melbourne because I wanted to live here supporting them emotionally and physically. My children began study ten months before I came to Melbourne. They had done well but needed help to study more intensively to go to a university. Luckily my first child, my daughter, became a freshman at Swinburne University where she is studying Graphic Design. My son is working very hard at his studies as a VCE student at Taylors College because he wants to gain high marks as he wants to study Architecture at a good university.

I've been studying too. I've been attending English classes at Flemington Reading and Writing Program to improve my English. I've learned a lot about Australia and its culture. I am really happy that I also have had the opportunity to know lots of people from different countries. There are students from Italy, Spain, Morocco, Somalia, China, Japan, Vietnam, East Timor and Indonesia in my class. I have learned about their culture through my classroom activities. I sometimes enjoy a variety of  traditional foods from their country as well. While attending class, I actually feel that Australia is a multicultural society. I've practiced lots of writing in my Reading and Writing class. Luckily I finished my first piece of work - a suspense story, with my teacher Jan's encouragement and help last year. I went through many difficulties - lack of ideas to develop my story and limited vocabulary and expression for particular situations that I wanted to describe, and I sometimes told myself , "I can't do this any more, I want to give up." However, I kept writing and eventually held my final piece in my hand. It was one of the most precious experiences in my life.


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