Shadows in the Moonlight
by Aerisu Oh


Daren Kim

a strong and well-built nineteen year old and curious about everything. He likes joking around - he's a funny guy.
Rosemary Kim Daren's sister, is a plump and active twenty year old woman

Daren's friends

Alfred Walker and Shawn Beilin
Chapter 1

At the Grand Hotel

Daren, a good looking and well-built guy looked around at the people in the plane. He was always curious about what was happening around him and now everybody in the plane to Je-ju looked excited and elated. So was he. This was his first trip to the beautiful Je-ju Island with his friends and his sister. Je-ju is the biggest and most fantastic island in Korea and surrounded by very beautiful sapphire blue seas.

In the centre of the island is Mt. Hanra, the highest mountain in South Korea. It was formed by a volcanic eruption and has many rare trees and animals. It is unlike any other cities or villages in Korea, mainly because of its unusual climate and its volcanic energy. There are palm and pineapple trees all along the roads on the island and Koreans along with foreign travelers enjoy the semi-tropical atmosphere.

Daren arrived at The Grand in the hotel's courtesy bus. At this particular time of year, springtime, many married couples stay on Je-ju for their honeymoon, which means all the rooms are booked up for them and other travelers. It is the peak holiday season and sometimes booking mistakes can happen.

Unfortunately, the hotel manager mistook Daren and his sister for a married couple and they were booked into a double bedroom and he was now frantically trying to find them a twin bedroom. Finally he turned to Daren and Rosemary, smiling awkwardly and said,

"I apologize for keeping you waiting so long, Mr. Kim. This is the key to your room. I hope you have a wonderful time here and I've paged a porter to take your luggage up to your room. He'll show you the way, and I apologize again for any inconvenience. Enjoy your stay."

Rosemary angrily grabbed the key to the room off the check-in counter and turned to her brother and his friends, Alfred and Shawn, and said.

"It is quite a nuisance, you know, and then we have to wait all this time to change the room! I actually wanted him to give us a discount instead of changing our room!"

The boys laughed and Daren said,

"In one bed with you? No way! How lucky am I that I don't have to suffer your practice kicks in bed, Rosy! You play Tae-Kwon-Do when you sleep, sis!" He loves his sister and likes to make fun of her.

"Oh, I didn't know that Rosy practiced Tae-Kwon-Do against you! Be careful or you may get up in the morning with a black eye and a split lip, Daren," said Shawn laughing.

They followed the porter into the elevator and up to the tenth floor and then through the dimly-lit narrow red carpeted corridor, and headed for their room 1007. They passed room 1002 which had been originally booked for them. Daren and Rosemary entered their room which was a nice and generous space. Rosemary opened the large glass window and walked out onto the terrace and sighed at the lonely white chairs and table placed there.

"Daren, this room is not where I wanted to stay! We can't even see the beach because of that building over there!" She complained.

"We don't have any other choice. If we don't take in this room, we'd have to stay on the beach, you know, and anyway we can walk to the beach. It's good exercise, sis!" Daren replied while putting his bags away in the dressing room and trying to calm his sister.


That night, Daren, Rosemary, Shawn and Alfred decided to go to the hotel nightclub to enjoy the first night of their trip. The nightclub was crowded with couples with loud music playing. As they approached they could feel the heat and exciting atmosphere from the entrance of the club. A waiter led them to a table in the corner which was in the back of the room.

"Have a wonderful time, sir! And if you need me to be of service to you, just push this green button here, please!" The waiter had to shout over the music as he took out a lighter to light a candle on their table.

"Thanks!" Daren shouted, smiling back at him while also glimpsing at a man sitting alone at the table next to theirs.

"Shawn, do you see that couple wearing the same colored shirts and jeans? They look just like cheerleader girls!" Daren and Shawn both giggled.

"No, no! Don't look at them! Just enjoy our company, tonight OK!" Rosemary said frowning at Daren.

"Hey guys, shall we dance?" Rosemary stood up from her chair and winked at Daren and his friends.

They all walked up to the dance floor and began to dance to the music. Rosemary's movement was gorgeous but Alfred moved quickly back and forth, with no rhythm and was swinging his hips like a duck. He was trying to follow Rosemary's fluid steps but he was so awkward. Daren turned his face to hide his laughter and giggles.

When they returned to their table, Daren was hot and thirsty and he gulped down a glass of cool beer quickly while looking at all the action around him.

"Hey, Rosy, look at that man! He was alone when we came here and he's still by himself! What do you think of him? Why don't you try and be his partner tonight?

"Stop it, Daren! Will you lower your voice, he might hear you!" Rosemary looked at Daren feeling extremely annoyed.

"Yeah ... he looks like he's waiting for someone!" Alfred joined in.


They danced until midnight but Daren and his friends didn't feel tired, however Rosemary began to feel sleepy. They went back to their table and Rosemary persuaded Daren to go to bed early so they could feel good for the next day.

"OK. Let's go back to the room. We do have tomorrow!" They all stood up and picked up their jackets and bags but Daren couldn't resist the temptation to look back over his shoulder. The lonely man was still there, drinking beer. On the dance floor, many people were still moving; having a wonderful time, swinging their heads and hips frantically.

On their way back to their rooms they passed by a door which was half-opened. Daren stopped and tried to look inside quickly, but he could see nothing because it was dark inside. Rosemary immediately grabbed his arm to stop him from staring inside into the darkness.

"No way! You're always like this! You'll get us all into trouble, someday." Rosemary whispered angrily.

"You know what?" Daren said, ignoring her. "This room was supposed to be ours. It's Room 1002 ... There's not a sound in there. Don't you think it's strange for a door to be open like that, with no light on at midnight? Welcome ... Mr. Burglar!?" Daren leaned his head towards Rosemary and stared directly at her.

"It's none of your business, Daren!" Rosemary grabbed his arm tightly and pulled him past the room.

"Good night, Daren! Good night, Rosy! I'm not sure if I'll sleep very well, because I'm really excited," said Alfred whose restless mind held high expectations for a fantastic holiday with his friends.

"Good night! Come to our room at twelve tomorrow. Don't wake me up in the morning. I need a deep, long sleep." Daren yawned, blinking quickly and rubbed his tired eyes.


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