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   WELCOME TO WIEN                                                             

Why don’t you listen to the music from Johann Srauss and hopefully you get into the right mood for Wien, city of wine music and dance.........

Can you waltz?  Vienna was swinging around the year 1825 (and still is)

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Vienna Top 10 Attractions

Imperial Treasury

Vienna was originally a Celtic settlement, founded in 500BC and later played a part in defending the Roman empire from Germanic Barbarians.
Later, the city became the residence of the Habsburg dynasty - the most powerful family in Europe - and grew further to become the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. During this period in the middle ages, Vienna was the European cultural center for music, arts, science and fine cuisine.
When capital of the Austria-Hungary empire in the late 1800s/early 1900s, the population was actually higher than today at around 2 million people.
Vienna was once a walled city, but in the 1800s the wall was removed to allow the city to expand. Where the wall once stood is now the famous "Ringstrasse" or "Ring Street" - a wide boulevard which surrounds the old city. Most of the important buildings in Vienna lie along this circular ring road.

Vienna is situated in the far east of Austria, and is only 40km from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It has a temperate climate with warm summers and cold winters. The average high temperature in summer is around 25 degree's, however in winter it can often stay around freezing for extended periods

Wien is also about food, wine and beer




Public transport is great, you never have to wait long and the "U" runs every3-4 minutes.

Make sure to carry 50 cents all the times, public toilet are not free but mostly with one attendant.

If in a restaurant you can't eat all, they are always happy to wrap it to take away, (don't try this with soup!) it is except able, you pay, it is your food.

Shops are not open Sunday and Banks close for lunch, (exception City Center) supermarkets have different closing times, so check it out if you want to shop late.. But eating out and entertainment is there for you at anytime.

Your stop for U3 is Zieglergasse and your exit is called Webgasse.
For U6 it is Westbahnhof and your exit is
  Innere Mariahilfer Strasse – Millergasse

So don’t get lost, you always will see la Stafa, to guide you home.