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Ringstrasse to Rathaus



Today the shops are open so go for a walk on  Mariahilfer Strasse, this is a great shopping street and has the best ice-cream shop “ Bortolotti’.  It takes less than 10 minutes to get there, walk up Stumpergasse and turn left into Mariahilferst on the corner you see “la’Stafa”,a few more steps and you are there          (click on picture)

 Sit down, order one small ice with whipped cream and you never walk past here without dropping in.

Then take a leisurely walk down Mariahilferstrasse , don’t take the underground, it is not far to Ringstassse and you see so much more.     

The “Ring” is a circular road around the inner city. Old Vienna was surrounded by walls; you can still see some of the old remains.  1857 Emperor Franz Josef was responsible for the beautiful architecture on this street. Turn to the left and walk direction Town Hall, but stay on the right side of the Ring then you walk along nice gardens.

Hofburg-Palace, seat of government since 1279 


on your left you have Parliament 1874 - 1883   The Burg Theater since 1741
and finally you are at the   Rathaus      1872-1883  

 Here you can wine and dine, relax a little bit.  There are food stalls from top restaurants offer original food from all over the world, also Australian food is there, you can get a real aussie burger.  What your parents must try is a drink called “sturm” it is wine not completely fermented, tastes great, but has a kick to it.  So you guys better stick to apple spritzers.
(insert picture of day1 with Leo and cootje)
As it gets dark, films are shown on the big screen; this is free and goes on over the summer month

have a nice time

You could walk through the Hofburg ,this takes you to the heart of Vienna.  Walk down  Kohlmarkt , you see one of the the most famous Konditorei-café DEMEL. On your left in Herrengasse is the Esterhazykeller interesting to see and taste wine from the region.

To your right is the Graben with Meinl, a supermarket with a difference. Eduscho a Coffeshop with interesting things and other nice shops to delight Mum and Kaitlin.

more info on city center page Wien

Or you could catch the Tourist Ring Tram . The trip is only about 30 minutes .

But I think a great thing to do on the first day is, take a ride in a Fiacker,

they usually stand near the  Hofburg (you walked past there on the way to Rathaus, also next to St. Stephan's Catheadral.


What about Donauturm ?? Since you are at St. Stephans you got U 1 in front of you, it is only e few stops. If it is a nice clear day  you get beautiful view's from up there. Take U1 go to " Vienna international Center (Kaisermuehlen")  a walk through the gardens and you are there, up you go, I would only have  frankfurts (hot-dog) and a drink in the rotating restaurant , I had some bad experience  with food up there.

Coming back, get out at Schwedenplatz and walk along Rotendurmstrasse back to the city center, Schwedenplatz has also Icecream to die for and as you walk on Rotenurmstrasse you can't miss Zanonie's Icecream shop

have a lovely afternoon