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........not much time, but you could still have a few hours in Schoenbrunn

It is a short walk from Westbahnhof to  No. 28 Stumpergasse  Walch ‘s Bed and Breakfast from the station you see Europaplatz where the big yellow building is (la Stafa) you turn into the street to your left and you are in Stumpergasse. The Walch Appartmenthaus is not far down. It used to be a lollie and cake shop. On my way to school I done a lot of shopping there and was a well known customer.

Stumpergasse 40 is where I grew up but the flat where your Nan has spent a few weeks  with me is at number 44, hopefully Rosmarie can show you the place. (There is a chinese restaurant at the corner)






Sinsce your first day is a Sunday and all shops will be closed it might be a good idea to take a trip to Schoenbrunn one afternoon is enough time .

Going back to Mariahilferstasse direction Westbahnhof and take no. 58 tram. It takes you to the main entrance of Schoenbrunn,   but you can continue to Hitzing and go through the side entrance, which is also the entrance for the zoo also located in Schoenbrunn.

There you can walk through the gardes to the main castle  you see the Gloriette

on the hill, where you get refreshments and a nice few over the grounds.

Going back you walk through the main castle and catch the no.58 tram back to Westbahnhof and la Stafa.

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I am sure Brodie would like to go for ice-cream first, so why not go to Bortolotti on Mariehilferstrasse first. Sit down order a small ice with whipped cream and have a taste, Narell and me we never walked past withot dropping in.

Your Nan liked the icecreme in Wien a lot.

If hungry and not to tired  You could go for a train ride, hop on the No .5 tram next to  La Stafa (ask the driver where to get off) and have a look at the old AKH, opened 1783,Narelle loved it there is good food and a restful atmosphere and it is close to your Apartment  plus good beer! So go to the UNIBRAU and drink their brew. ,

Frank opposite Stumpergasse

have one for Narelle and me!!

wishing you a nice evening