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Naschmarkt - City Center - Prater

Today you could go to Naschmarkt, I think Toni would like this, click on picture


To see something different on the way catch the bus. Walk down Stumpergasse, direction church, take bus No.57 (it's the only one there) ask the driver where to get off to walk to the market, from the market you are in easy walking distance to Ring and Opera. Or if you don't want to go to the market go to the end of the line,

which takes you to Ringstrasse, turn right to the Opera..

have a look around in the city center, some ideas on page "Wien"

Have you not been to Schonbrunn yet? At the Nachmarkt is No 4 U which takes there you in a few minutes there, you can take tram 58 back to your apartment.

Have a little rest and hit the Prater in the later evening. U3 takes you back to Stephansplatz there you hopp on U1 and go to Praterstern. Or you get on the No.5 Tram to the end of the line which is Praterstern, it is a slower ride but you see something different again. Once there,you see the Riesenrad (Ferris wheal) built 1897 , still going strong!

You will find your way easy.

Prater is not only for rides, that is the smallest part of it, big naturale green areas, right down to the Danube, a ride on the Lilliput-train shows a little of that (it is not only for children Mark) a lot of grown ups hop on. food is also good in the Prater,

Schweizerhaus (click on picture) and Luftburg are known for their beer and pork,


the portions are real large, but what you can't eat will be wrapped in foil and you can take it with you.

I hope you all had a nice time in Wien and come back one day

Have a save trip home