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Exploring den "ersten Bezirk"

St. Stephans Catheadral, Stepans-platz ,the heart of Wien, localy he is called der "Steffel" protecting the city and it's people

from the Ring you walk past the Opera and right behind is the hotel Sacher, this is where your dad wants to be

walk down Kaernterstrasse and you end up at Stephansplatz


you all must have the "Sacher-torte" a rich chocolate cake, eaten with whipped cream

Hotel Sacher,_Vienna walk down Rotendurmstrasse, you see another great Eissalon "Zanoni"

Further down Rotendurmstrasse turn left into Wollzeile , there you find the "Griecehbeisel' the oldest inn since 1447. Be careful whome you step on.  


not to be missed!! and if you want a real nice Schnitzel go to Fliegelmueller only a few steps away

There you can walk down the steps and you are on Schwedenplatz if you missed icecream at Zanoni have Schwedenplatz-Eis, it is good!!

Keep walking a littlefurther and you come to steps again, all this are remains from the old city wall. Walk up the steps and you are at Ruprechtkirche the oldest church in Vienna 796-829

then you can take a walk throug Judengasse back to Stephansplatz,_Vienna

I think I pointed out enough for you and I hope what ever you see is to your liking and you had a little fun in Wien, most of all I hope you had time to eat some Apfelstrudel