Gisborne Creek  - Ash Wednesday  

My parents bought land in 1962, seven acres in the Shire of Gisborne on Gisborne Creek water frontage. It was full of animals - koalas, kangaroo's, echidna's and wombats. Birds such as parrots and wrens were plentiful too along the creek bed catching insects and building there nests in the broom (scrubby bush ). Also there were little waterfalls.  Over the years  we would go there most weekends and Tuesdays - just day trips.

Mum and Dad would load up the Fairlane or the ute with sandwiches, fruits, thermuses of tea and coffee, doggy biscuits for our dog - a queensland/ heeler cross named Frida.  In winter  time we would have a barbeque - lots of chops and sausages that dad would usually burn. We'd also take an axe and a chainsaw. Over the years we cut through a walking track following  the creek. We also could drive through one gate to the middle gate and then to the last gate.   

Sometime's we would stop at Gisborne, a small country town and buy takeway food  from cafe's and meat pies, cakes and cheeses on the way to the blockland.

November 1981- sister  Ann- Maree and our pet
dog Frida.

1992- our third dog teala.

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