This box is what they should have. We got it from the Melbourne Zoo.
At one time their was a housing shortage. My mother made this one out of a coke crate. It fell down and we put it back up, it's not the best! but at times when mother is with babies, they fight for it and it comes in handy for a bed for the night.

I went into the garden one summer day, there was all this humming. I looked up at the possum box there where bees every where going into the box. mother and baby where in side, then they appeared very dazzed.The bees soon took over.
I rang the local police who gave me a phone number, bee keeper by the time he arrived the box was a swarm of bees. He dressed in his protective clothing and sprayed and said stay a way from it for several hours.Bee keeper charged me $65 to kills the bees after a few days our possums where back in the box.

My Possum Poem
There was a baby possum
Named Lucky
Who had gone missing from his mummy
We could her him
But couldn't see him
Only we knew that he
Was on the other side of the fence
The noise was coming from a tank
There wsa no room for a plank
So we used a stick
Which he could run up
So we found our baby possum
Named Lucky