Possum audio

by E. Lynch


For a  number of years now I have been feeding the possums that live in our area.

It started when I lost my dog Teala. One night I was woken by a noise at the window and when I looked out there was a possum! She was a female(I found out later) who was having a baby. The next night I put nails in the nearby tree and stuck fruit onto them. I waited and just before dusk, down she came and fed on the fruit.

Then I decided to give her a name so I called her Aussie. Aussie had a baby and I called the baby Kim. That was about nine years ago. Since then she's had another three. Kim was the first, he was a real butter fingers- he'd drop everything and was bossy. He'd try to get mum out of the box. He wanted it but she needed it because she had babies. And then there was Rose, she was a dainty little thing.What Rose didn't eat, Kim would clean up aferwards. After Rose came Jackie and Lucky. Jackie was like a circus clown. He'd grab the food and hang upside down and eat it that way. Lucky was called Lucky because when he was born he fell out of mum's pouch and we found him on the ground so we called him lucky.

In the last nine years there have been a lot more possums that come down and fed-probably hundreds. Now other people in the street have put up boxs in their trees. Even though they're wild it gives me a good feeling to know that they were here before the houses went up and at least now we can all live in harmony. 

The type of food they like are any sort of fruit, apples, nectanies, peaches and oranges.  The Vet said I can also give them a little bit of sausage.                   


If  you would like more information on caring for possums go to the addresses below or email me at possumlady_liz@yahoo.com.au

Melbourne Zoo

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