Timothy Kehely

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Timothy KEHELY was baptised on 22Dec1821 in Kilronan,Parish Ballymoney, Co. Cork. Ireland. He was the son of Daniel Kehelly and Ellen Mahoney.

He sailed from Liverpool onboard the "Ganges", arriving in Fremantle, Western Australia on 15Oct1841. Timothy was listed as a labourer and Roman Catholic. He was paired with Mary BOULGER/BOLGER on a list of nine adult couples brought to Australia as bonded servants - Mr John Schoales received a bounty for bringing these eighteen people to the Colony. They arrived in good health and condition. Mary was 25 and a servant. She had been born about 1816 in Co. Carlow, the daughter of Edward Bulger, a farmer.

Timothy and Mary were married 28Dec1842 in Perth a year after their arrival. Both signed their Marriage Certificate with an "X". Being illiterate and probably with broad Irish accents resulted in Officials spelling both surnames in a variety of ways - e.g. Bulger, Boulger, Bolger, Balcer and even Byrnes. KEHELY became Keilly, Keilley, Kelly, Kealey, Kahley, Kahly, Kahaley, Kabley, Kehelly and Kelely!

Timothy and Mary had two children, Mary Ann (died as infant) and Daniel, in Perth, then moved onto South Australia. Three more children, Edward, Ellen KEHELY and Catherine were born before the family sailed from Melbourne on the 'Hussar' to Dunedin in 1863.

According to the Taranaki Military Settlers Nominal and Descriptive Roll Book, Timothy KELLY enrolled in No 1 Company, Reg No 133 on 1Sep1863 in Dunedin. He was designated a butcher, aged 40 years. He was five foot five and a half inches tall. He had joined with his son,Edward. Then his son in law Martin COSTELLO joined 3 days later. They all sailed to Taranaki per 'Airdale'.

Timothy died 2Jul1883 at Manaia aged 70,of general decay. His wife Mary had died seven years earlier on 5Jul1876 at Oakura of consumption, aged 55. She was buried at Koru Monastery Cemetery. Timothy was buried at Manaia Cemetery. Although there is no headstone, his name and plot number are recorded in Cemetery records held at Manaia.

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