l'm 26 years old,  my birthday's on the 8th of August.  I live with my parents and my brother. I was born in Austraila and I'm the baby of the family.  I've been coming to Flemington Reading and Writing Progam for about 2 years.  It's good getting up and coming here.  I attend classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I study English, Multi-media and Computers.  I've met some good people here.  I really like sitting next to Nikki in classes. We tend to muck around a bit and get a bit noisy but no-one seems to mind. Some of my best times here have been going on excusions.

 This is me in the Ned Kelly mask

Phar-lap in his glass case 

My and my friend Nikki 

Our trip to Healsville 

Beauitful eagle 

The handler 

A herron with a long beak 


The wallabies are very tame 


We recently went to the NED KELLY exhibition and saw a figure of  him standing there. It made me feel sad to see what they did to him.  I know he killed people and robbed the National Bank in Euroa but I still think underneath he was a nice guy.My friends names are Nikki and Sandra, Elizabeth, Anthony and Kay.  
Last year we went to Healsville Sanctuary. We took the mini-bus.  Jan and Richard took us.  It was a good day.  We looked at the eagle.  They did a show for us where the keeper had a glove on and held a rope tied around the eagle's neck.  He flew up in the air after the handler set him free and then came back to the hanlders glove.  It made feel sad, I felt sorry for the bird, it should be allowed to live free in the trees.

Another great excusion was visting Phap-lap. What a beautiful horse.  His body has been preserved in a glass case at the Melbourne Museum.  Phap-lap, I learned, was in the Melbourne Cup, The Cox Plate and the Caulfield Cup. Jim Pike was his jockey.  Unfortunately Phap-lap got sick in America and some thought he might have been poisoned.   I felt sad when I saw Phar-lap in that glass case.  I wished I could have seen him running free, out of the paddack, out of the stables and out of those races where they get whipped.  He was a beautiful horse

May last  year we had our Federation Website Launch and celebration.  I was very excited.  I helped out with the advertising. Jan and Richard did a flyer and I did all the folding, got the stamps and then posted it all.  Jan said I was her "Number One Office Assistant."  The Launch was held here at the Flemington Library. Jan and Richard talked to the guests about how it all came together.  I was the waitress handing out food on silvers platters.  There were sandwiches, fruit and a big chocolate cake which had a map of Australia on it in coloured icing.  I  took a piece of it home and it was beautiful.  It was a good day.