Alot of people like going out when their not working. It is good for everyone to get out
and experience the World. I love going out at least twice a week. I go to the beach alot in Edithvale
and Frankston. 3 days a week I catch the Train to my Course which is in Flemington and I enjoy the
ride. I don't go to Nightclubs or Pubs. The places I go are Beach, Pictures, Timezone, Library, Visiting
and I like going for long drives.


   I like going to the Beach to relax and watch the Waves and Boats. I like walking near the Water and
stepping on the Rocks. The Beach is a relaxing place and it is Romantic as well.


    I go to the Pictures and always watch the Comedies or the Romance. I always like going to the Pictures on
my own because then I can sit down and watch the Movie right through.


    When I go to Timezone I like to play Daytona or Bowling. Everytime I play Daytona I always get challenges
and I always win.


    When I go visiting I always go on long trips. I go to Churchill to see my younger sister and her 2 boys. I go
to Geelong to see my friends, I go to Wondonga to see my 15 year old neice and I go for 1 hour drives to see
my Aunties and all that. I have also been to Sydney which I think Sydney is a hole, I hated it there. My favourite
place is Geelong because it has got beautiful scenes. The best place in Geelong is the Beach.