The Stock Horse was of English and Spanish Thoroughbred. The Stock Horse needed Strength and Stamina to work in foreign environments which became their homes. The Stock Horse is a necessity because they do all the heavy pulling. The Stock Horse travels long distances everyday. The Stock Horse is used to breed Sturdy Saddle Horses essential for the Australian Colonies. They can be also called Walers. They are reliable Horses in Australia.

     The interest of these Horses was revived in 1960. The movement of the Horses reached Victoria in 1973 and later they started to reach Western Australia and Tasmania. The Government accepted 40000 Stock Horses for registration.


       The Ponies are a product of years of crossbreeding they produce a large Horse around 14 hands in height. The perfect Pony in Australia is called a BT Golden Splendor. The Splendor has a golden color, a long mane and it has a raised tail carriage. The Golden Splendor is assigned number 5 and it is the first Stallion registered in the breed.

        The American Walking Pony is the reg Tennessee Walking Horse and the other one is the Welsh Pony. The American Walking Pony is one of the most versatile breeds in America. The Walking Ponies are successful at open shows as Pony Hunters. People should visit a Walking Pony Breeder and get on a walking pony and experience the feeling of lightness and smoothness. It is like a dream riding a Walking Pony.