Hi my name is Nicole Snow.
I absolutely love coming to Flemington Reading And Writing Program. I have been here for nearly
6 years. I am learning heaps thanks to all the teachers Kay, Liz, Karen, Jan and Robyn. My teachers
are Kay and Karen. Kay teaches me Literacy level 3 and Karen teaches me Computers.
The Teachers are always very busy with their classes. The subjects that are at this place are Multi-Media,
Literacy, ESL, Computers and Media Literacy. The Students are very friendly people. The teachers are Kind
and Caring and Devoted to their jobs.
My friends names are Lorren, Sandra, Elizabeth and Authony. Kay says I am the trouble maker of the class because I always make my friends laugh. Ever since I have been here I have always been the naughty one....:)
Woohoo I think it is very funny.
I will always be grateful to Flemington Reading and Writing Program because I have learnt alot through the
years of my training. I thank the teachers a lot for their hard work. I hope that This course never closes down
because this program deserves a Gold Medal for their hard and good work.
I hope you enjoy this little Info.