Hi my name is Nicole Francis Snow I was born in Stawell near Ararat. I have always been in Australia
and I love my country. I was the second child born, before me was my Brother Michael. When I turned
1 we moved to St Kilda where my Mum had my 2 younger sisters. Their names are Megan and Tracey.
My Dad used to work as a Tyre Fitter in a Factory in St Kilda. My Mum stayed home and looked after
4 children. My Brother, Sisters and I were very close.

When I turned 3 my Mum and Dad divorced and that was a sad time for us children because the C.S.V. come and took us and put us in a home for Children with Family troubles. I always protected
my younger sisters no matter what. My Dad came and he said he is going to look after us from now on.
After my Dad went to Court we went and lived with my Dad, he raised us for the rest of our lives.

When I started School I went to Glenroy North Primary School. It was a terrific school and we had alot
of friends. We were living in Glenroy that address was 59 Glen St Glenroy we were there for years.
We all owned a Dog, it was a Border Collie and we named her Brindol. She was a good Dog, she
protected our Family. While we were living there my Brother's girlfriend was pregnant. My Brother
girlfriend name was Robyn. When my Dad used to go out she would look after us 3 girls and she was good.

When I started High School we were moved to a different House. My High School was called Glenroy High School and I didn't like it. I left school in the start of year 9.

When I was 16 my Dad passed away and then we went and lived with my Mum. When I got old enough I went and lived with friends and ever since I have been. My Mum ended up with a Lung disease and now she has passed away. Now it is up to me to look after the Family and I am going to. That is it. This is all I could tell you about my life.