My father's name was Michael Aunthony Snow. He was born in Melton Mowbray England. He worked as a Tyre Fitter for most of his life. When he came to Australia he was meant to go back to his Country, but he met my Mother and they were married a year later. My Father was a very caring and loving man, he would do anything for anyone.
         His Brother's stayed in England and my Father never saw them once he became a citizen of Australia. I never met my Father's side and I have always wished to. When I was little my Father and I used to send Tapes and Letters to my Family in England. His Mum's name was Mabbel Francis Snow. When I was born my Father named my middle name the same as my Nanas.

           When I was 3 my Mother and Father had a Separation and Me and my Brother and 2 sisters were put in a Home.My Father fought to get us out and take care of us. My Father raised us from the age of 4 and I absolutely adore him for all of his hard work to keep the Family together.

          My Father come from a small town in England. The Town was called Melton Mowbray  it was@ a quiet town. The population was small. The Melton Mowbray Flag is Red, White and Blue. Melton Mowbray is a Town with alot of Historic sightseeing. My Father has always lived in Melton Mowbray before he moved to Australia.

          My Father became ill when I was 14 years old. No matter how ill he was he still looked after 3 girls on his own. He was a terrific man and a terrific Father. He passed away when I was 16. I will never forget the fun times we had in our up- bringing. My Dad had 4 Brothers their names are Kenny, Bob, David and Steven.


          My Mother was born in Tasmania a large island in Australia. She used to work in a pub in Richmond. Mum came to Australia when she was little, she always lived in St Kilda. She met my Father at a pub, my Auntie introduced them. My Mums maiden name was Quinn before she married my Father. My mum's name is Dawn Janice Snow.

           My Mum had 3 sisters named Lois, Judy and Karen. My Mum's Mum name is Edna Joy Quinn.My Mum was a Family person, she loved going to the Family gatherings. My Mum and her sisters stick together like glue. Life was hard for my Mum, but she survived it all and pulled through.

              I really never saw my Mum much, but I loved her. My mum didn't care about anything when we were young because she was a heavy drinker. That is why I hate Alchol.

              After my Father died she took my  2 younger sisters and me with her. My mum ended up getting a Lung Disease. She passed away in December last year. She was a heavy cigarrete smoker and a heavy drinker. Mum lived with it for 6 years before passing away. I had 2 terrific parents, There is not a perfect parent in this world.

            This was a little info on my parents. Enjoy the read.