On the Easter Holidays I went for a Trip to Wodonga. I was going there to see my Neice I haven't seen for 2 years. We headed up there on a Friday Afternoon it took us 5 hours to get there. It was a long and tiring trip.We arrived at my Neices place at 10:00 o clock that night. The people I am living with came with me. Their names are Phillip and Pat. Phillip was the
driver. After sitting down and resting my Neices Mother gave us our tea which was a Roast. After tea we sat down and talked about what we are going to do while we are there. At about 12:00 o clock I decided to go and get some sleep because I felt very tired and grumpy.


 On Saturday Morning we woke up and had our Breakfast and Showers. At 11:00 o clock we headed off to go and see the Botanical Gardens in Albury. When we arrived there I could smell the fresh plants that are growing. It was a hot day, it was a good day to walk around the towns. The Plants that were in the Garden had Plaques to say what kind and where there from. After spending an hour there we went to the Lake and had a swim. I really didn't like the Lake Water. It was polluted. When I got out of the water we went for a walk around the Lake. There was a Steam Boat,but it was closed so we booked in for Sunday. After that we went back to my Neices House and relaxed for the rest of the day.
    On Sunday Morning we stayed home until 1:30. We had to be at the Boat by 2:00 o clock. I was feeling scared and shaky because I don't like travelling on Boats. There was heaps of families waiting to get on the Boat. When the driver opened we all started boarding the Steamer. We went upstairs to have our Lunch while the Boat was moving away from the Dock. My legs were shaking crazily, but after a while I got used of it. The Steamer was built in the 19 hundreds. It was burnt down years ago so the Government decided to build the same model, but only for Discos and Tourists. I watched the workers filling the Motor with wood,but it had a horrible stink. I ended up enjoying myself.
      On Monday we went to 2 places. The first one was the over look Tower which stands on the Mountains. I could see the whole off Wodonga and Albury. After that trip we went to an old town which is just out of Wodonga. When we got there we went and had a look at some of the old buildings. There was a Tree Jail there which they used to use years ago. Pat took a photo of me and my Neice in the Jail. After spending an hour having a look around we left and went home.
     On Tuesday We went to the Weer which is a Lake that has a Bridge. The Bridge is a Road that you can go on. The road takes you over the Lake and around. The road was closed because the Government is working on the cracks and bumps. After spending 3 hours there we went back to my Neices House and started to pack. After we had a Coffee we loaded up the car and came back to Melbourne. I was so happy to be back in my Town. I had fun  In Wodonga, but I wouldn't do it often. I hope you all enjoy my Story about my trip.