- Rosa

It's eleven o’clock at night and it’s very peaceful. I am enjoying writing without a sound from a television. I am just by myself without anyone to make any noise.

For me a special place is walking down by the river where it’s very peaceful and in a way, for me, it’s very spiritual. Feeling the way I do, when I am down by the river I can sense a comfortable contentment within myself. I am looking at things differently now!

Before I used to take things like this for granted! Now, instead, I appreciate more out of life, like the little things that most of us do not notice and yet were always there. I enjoy my time down by the river to look at the trees and listen to the birds singing and I look at the beautiful colours they have . Every one is different from the other.

I hear the sounds of the ducks as they rush through the water. I smell the pure air. The breeze blows into my face. I am enjoying life just with simple things, the things most of us never appreciate when we are very healthy. We just never think of all these simple things.

If sometimes I don’t go for some reason, it’s like I’ve actually lost a lot. It’s like I missed something, because I like to watch the sunset with the reflections on the water. It’s so peaceful there.

Another special place of peace and tranquillity for me is in my back garden. Here, I plant vegetables and enjoy seeing the little plants grow. This for me is peacefulness and also fun!