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Active or adaptive suspension is an automotive technology that controls the vertical movement of the wheels via an onboard system rather than the movement being determined entirely by the surface on which the car is driving. The system therefore virtually eliminates body roll and pitch variation in many driving situations including cornering, accelerating, and braking.

This technology allows car manufacturers to achieve a higher degree of both ride quality and car handling by keeping the tires perpendicular to the road in corners, allowing for much higher levels of grip and control.

An onboard computer detects body movement from sensors located throughout the vehicle and, using data calculated by opportune control techniques, controls the action of the suspension.

Active suspension can make this car even more outstanding. Improving on the traction and stability of the handling and safety of this car and yet any other car.  Fast cars are great. Driving them is a thrill but often enough speed can kill. Only Active suspension can ensure that speed today is not tomorrow's broken body or worst still death.   Enjoy your car in safety and comfort.