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Active Suspension the only oneof it's kind in the world.  Miracles do happen, finally a suspension that does what it promises.There are many on the internet that promises to do what a super suspension is intented to do but few actually deliver. And a few have even gone as far as to copy my original idea and manage to sell it for millions, but still the  original verse is only 10% the standard to my more new and improved current prototype.    No computer or technology can replicate the time, thought and sophication that my new model has currently reached in standard.   I have had one in my car for years, and in fact I still drive the same car I did 20 years ago, and through it's installation has seen to it that my car drives the same way it did 20 years ago.   The other day a new porche tried to over take me on a winding country road, try as it may, it could not master the speed and handling required for those stretches of road. It still could not get passed me.  The handling of my car in those conditions out did a new supposelly super car.   What does that say about my active suspension?