Living Areas

I live in an 1890's house which was originally built as a Grocer's shop (later called a Milk bar) sometime in the early 1890's

Melbourne City Council has no record of the year of the building but they estimate it would be early 1890's because of the pickets at each end of the verandah.  The facade of the building has been retained from the 1890's and the verandah over the footpath still exists. The large windows in the front of the building have also been retained. Milk bars were built with provision for storage for excess stock and the living accommodation was provided behind the shop. I operated my shop for 11 years and on 8 August 1999, I closed the shop to prepare for rebuilding the interior as my home. The reconstruction took place in the year 2000 with extra accommodation and storage in the large roofline. Victorian style lighting was installed and replica dado decoration was carried out in the lounge and hallway. I painted 16 ceiling roses and decorative air vents which added to the other Victorian features. I have a copy of the Argus newspaper of August 1896 in a display case which was located in the ceiling space of the dwelling. A great deal of the original timber framework of the building was in excellent condition and has been retained. With later information, I have established the dwelling was built in 1892.