Jan Lacey

Jan is an unforgettable person in my Australian life. She was our English language, Australian studies teacher

She did her duty very well in FRWP and she's gone leaving her good memory with us

We miss her

She had a wide knowledge of the media field, about film, drama,

songs, stories, and publications

If you asked for the name of any famous movie director, author or actors, she could

remember very quickly.

She loved very much the Australia native people: The Aborigines

She was an AAWL Stolen Wages Project Coordinator and active member.

Her last request was if you like to give a donation please give to:

Stolen Wages Project Commonwealth Bank of Australia

BSB 06 3123 Account 10034866 Ref CWS.

‘Tangled up in Blue’ Bob Dylan



I am studying in FRWP

In Australia Jan was my first English language teacher

Jan Lacey, Karen, Liz, Robbie, and Manrico

I am very happy study with these teachers, they very kind and helpful teachers

I learn from them English language, Australian studies, computer hardware & software, multimedia and web design. I had a good opportunity go to RMIT university thanks to FRWP teachers. I appreciate what they did for me very much

One kind lady called Nancy introduced me to FRWP. I send special thanks for her also.

UD Perera