My journey to Australia

In 1996, we left our home country Sri Lanka to find a new place of residance. We were married and had no idea where we would end up. Here is the story of our journey that led us to Australia...

We came to Australia for a personnel reason. Now we're having a five year old son going to prep School. We realy like Australia very much, a very peaceful country indeed. My son is very much enjoying his school life. He's almost a very happy and blessing son. My wife too realy get use to Aussie life. We like Aussie tucker very much, espeacily the great Australian pie.We have been travel to many parts in Victoria and enjoyed the beauty of nature which has differrent to Sri Lanka. We had some awsome experience about Aussie Bush life. Our son love to see and feed Aussie's uniuqe animals like Kangaroos and Coala's. The below pictures of Sri Lanka will give you some ideas about my beautiful Island of Paradise.

Located in middle of the country, place called Kandy.This is a famous lake in Kandy, a spectacular scenery.


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Beach in Colombo in the capital city. Beautiful place to see the sunset and to buy some fresh fish if you're lucky

TTTThis is the Royal Botanical Garden in the hill country of Kandy. Place to have a picknic lunch And a cuppa.a

thThe famous Queens hotel in Kandy. Spectacular place to view our traditional Kandy Perahara in the month of July

Boat House in the Kandy lake

One of our traditional festivals (Perahara) in Kandy

FFishing boats coming to the shore after catching fish



One One of our traditional ways of fishing in nets, which is very popular in the regional Sri Lanka

SSale boat is coming to shore after night fishing

Farmers are utilise buffelos to wet there paddics before seeding the rice

Women are planting rice in paddics in a warm sunny day

Smiling tamil women in the up country of Nuwara Eliya are plucking tea leaves, one of best teas in the world

hkHigh rise towers in Central Colombo