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Caloola Industrial School

Caloola Industrial School 1864 – 1879

Sunbury Industrial School was
Known as "Sunbury slaughter house.”

Sunbury Industrial School was located on Jackson’s Hill.

The school was for the destitute or orphaned.
The boys had to learn a trade; the girls had to learn to cleaning floors, washing and help with the cooking. 
Within the first 12 months 11% of the children had died.
Sunbury Industrial School started out for boys but over a few months there were girls too.  
The boys were segregated from the girls.
The children lived in large blue stone buildings, often crowded and there was no heating.
The children often suffered illness because of the conditions.

From 1879 – 1968 the name has changed several times to Lunatic Asylum, psychiatric hospital

1914 Sunbury Lunatic Asylum housed about one thousand patients, known as inmates.

1992 the name has changed to the Caloola Training Centre for the intellectually disabled.

Also the site was used by Victoria University.

 Here are more pictures of Caloola

1866 the Industrial school hospital 


The 1925 building served as a nurse station home, and was a Dutch colonial style building.


1892 This building was the old refectory women’s ward and also has the padded cell.
This building is inaccessible to the public.







This building was constructed in 1892. It was the male admission and special ward.



The Boiler House is the Community Arts Centre in Sunbury.In the arts – they have pottery, painting sculpture. Also have theatre, dancing and workshops etc.