Elizabeth's Story About

Citizen Advocacy Sunbury

My Life

My name is Liz.

When I was a child I went to the Royal Children Hospital from the age of 3 years to the age of 17 years, and had speech therpy.

I have a disability, a speech impediment and slow learner as a child.

When I was a child mum didn't understand me, when I wanted things. Mum would say to me "Elizabeth show me" and I would.

Also people would take over for me, they would say "give it to me" or "I'll do that."

So I just sat there and did nothing at all!!

During my secondary school my feeling was of being a failure because of no skills and no qualifications.

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I live with my elderly mother who has had a stroke. I am now her carer.

I have been on the committee of Sunbury Advocacy for 4 years. Whilst on the committee of management, the co-coordinator David asked me, "How I was coping with my mother?"

David asked me if I would like him to fine me an advocate, who could help me find services which would help my mother and my self. Help me with opportunities to get involved in the community.

My Citizen Advocate

My advocate is a friendly, knowledgeable lady, who assists me in any problems I do not understand and talks to me, gives me lots of confidence. I feel she is a very close friend.
Maria, my advocate, is a great support to me.
I can call her and talk to her when things get difficult.
We also go out for coffee and enjoy each other’s company.