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Citizen Advocacy Sunbury

He research

"what will happen to my disabled child when I die?"



Wolf Wolfensberger – Citizen Advocacy

Is about the structures put in place for people with disability who need support, to help them live a full life as a human being in the community and to represent their rights.

“Advocacy is a partnership between two people, an advocate and a person who has experienced any form of discrimination. The advocate's task is to represent, where necessary, their partner's views and interests as if they were their own. Advocates offer support and understanding, sometimes enabling their partners to speak for themselves. Advocates also gather information, allowing their partner to make informed choices.”

“People who are disadvantaged or vulnerable are often devalued by society and seen as 'different'. They are restricted in their opportunities to lead normal lives by lack of choice in such areas as: housing; work; leisure facilities; etc. They are often in receipt of services, which stigmatise and draw attention to their 'problems', thereby separating them from the rest of society.”

  From advocacy in Staffordshire website