Elizabeth's Story About

Citizen Advocacy Sunbury

After Left Secondary school

I had left secondary school, at the age of eighteen years.
After school I had to join the C.E.S for the unemployment benefit.
I had to go out and look for employment well I tried to no avail. When I had to fill in forms for the jobs, I couldn’t do it, so they didn’t want me!!!
I went to Coonac rehabilitation centre for about three years. While going to Coonac I had English classes, factory assembly jobs, cooking and makeup classes.

The Coonac pictures April 1980
65 Clendon Road Toorak
Coonac is an old mansion and was built in 1867.
Coonac is no longer there.

Coonac was a rehabilitation centre for people with disability and people who have been in an accident.

Eventually I started as a factory process worker, on the assembly line, making up kits of nuts and bolts. I was there for about 13 years; it was hard over the years.
I enjoyed going to work because it was a job, employment that I would able to hold down.

Later on in those years at work I was having nightmares at night. When I woke up from the nightmare I would be in a lather of perspiration, because I was being hassled at the time.
The trouble was, in the end I told them off and I lost my temper in the end!!!
After the nightmares at night and in the next morning I would worry about why I had to go to work. I didn’t want to go.
There were other jobs that I had worked, also I had work training over the years.

The company was putting off workers and I was one of them, someone “had asked me what would I do when I left work here”
Well I said I will go back to school again, to improve reading and writing.

So I eventually went back to school.

I have been going to adult education, at Farnham Street Neighbourhood Learning Centre, for a while now.
I enjoy going to school, the teachers are great and I get on with the other students well.

I am doing English classes and computer classes too.
In the English classes I do assignments on what I am interesting to me, I type the assignments on the class computer, add pictures too and reading.

The assignments were

Aboriginals Nuclear Medicne
History of Africa Our Native Shrubs
History of China Australian spiders
History of Tibet Australian Birds
History of Tasmania The Dingo
Insulin Australia Top End
Living with type2 diabetes Western Austalia

And there are plenty more assignments.

In the computer classes I learn to design web pages and upload them on the internet, resize pictures, and send emails. I also learn to file folders, scanning, Photoshop etc:

The teachers at school are great and they help support us all.

The other students are very friendly and I have made good friends.

I went back to school because of what I felt within me. I know a lot more things, but I couldn’t explain things, and I couldn’t speak up for my self.
So that is why I went to school, to be able to have a voice to talk and to join in the communication with other people.

This is the school web address:

Farnham Street Neighbourhood Learning Centre


Here are some courses at the school:

Introduction to computers


Introduction to web design

Office Skill

English Language and

Literacy classes

Health and fitness

Cooking and gardening